What can I say other than it's been a while...

I'm sure some people think GI is dead, and it kinda has been. Past visitors will notice this new index page and might think we are back with some cool new stuff. Sorry, not really the case, this page was made a while ago and I just tied it in tonight. The real story is I've always viewed GI as a non-blog blog, a site with projects and cool stuff, not just personal rants. Finding projects, doing writeups and keeping the site professional is a big job, not to mention I do all the behind scenes coding on it. Over the past five (and really two) years it's been a labor of love; tough love. I don't want to turn GI into a personal blog, and that's why I created a personal site: myBitBox.

After thinking about it I've decided to let GI sit...for now. All the posts will be viewable, comments will be allowed, tips can be submitted, however I'm not going to post religiously. I'm also not going to keep the other members of GI from posting, post if you want. Right now I have other things I want to focus on other than making a community site.

While GI is going static, make no mistake, it is not dead. You can't keep a crazy engineer with a web server down! So until then, thanks for reading and visit us again!

PS: Thanks for the tip Gio. If you are into audio at all, check out Gio's site, there are some really cool projects there, especially if you are into tubes ;-)

Also If you want some new sites to check out, visit,, and!

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