Senior Computer Engineering Lab

First semester senior year for computer engineers at Clarkson University is EE416, affectionately named "Senior Design Lab", nicknamed by the students "Damn that was fun, but I don't know if I would do it again". The focus of the lab is to do a semester long design project incorporating almost all aspects of computer engineering.

The 2005 senior lab project was to design a "robotic retriever" robot to semi-autonomously navigate an unknown course, controlled by a base station using a bluetooth link. The major aspects of the project included developing a GUI program to control the robot and writing embedded C code for the FreeScale HCS12 microcontroller mounted on the robot.

The course also required five major milestone reports periodically along the design at key points.

I found these pictures while clearing off my phone and thought it apt to post on here. I am going to contact the people in my group and see if I can get some better pictures of the bot, and maybe some video too!

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