Computer Engineering Link Dump

Ever try and do a hardware project only to get stumped trying to understand pinouts or protocols? Well fear not any longer, the answers to your prayers, sites with more hardware knowledge than you can shake a breadboard at:

This site has a huge list of topics all with links to other pages, projects, research and reports on computer engineering things like FPGAs, CPLDs, video standards, smartcards and robotics. Grade: 10/10

The EE Compendium:
The EE Compendium provides links to dozens of pages on EE research, embedded systems and electronic component resources. Def worth looking at. Grade: 8/10
Ever try and work with some chip nobody has ever heard of? Can't find the documentation on that UART or DTMF decoder? Fret no more, I present, you one stop shop for datasheets so you can spend less time on the net searching, and more time building! Grade: 8/10

Want to see what other people are making? Take a look at the robot directory. Def a source for some good ideas. Grade: 6/10 CoolFactor: 8/10

Even if you don't have a project what requires a metric ton of knowledge, check these pages out, you will soon

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