Xilinx CoolRunner-II CPLD & Spartan 3 dev boards

Xilinx, for the past few months has started to package their CoolRunner-II CPLD development board with the Spartan 3 development board all for the low price of $99!!

This is a great way to get started (or keep going) with programable logic and VHDL.

For TAing the junior lab this semester I purchased one of these kits and got it in the middle of February. Since getting it I have programmed a 'very' primitive VGA control circuit, 7-segment control circuit and a traffic light control simulator circuit.

Some might know about the traffic light circuit as it is one of the projects in the projects section. Since it is all hardware it was quite easy to port to VHDL.

If you have been looking for a oppertunity to break into some cool development of VHDL this is it.


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