ROBOT magazine, a step past popular electronics

If you are anyway like me, you love popular electronics and popular science. Finding out about the latest and greatest gadgets before they hit the stores and the products in development. Well if you are a crazy computer/engineering/robotics-geek like me: first find a hospital and tell them you have a terminal illness and then check out the first magazine focused entirely on robotics: ROBOT magazine!!

I purchased a subscription of the mag back in October and the past two issues have been awesome. Like popular electronics the magazine introduces new products such as the Vex system sold at RadioShack and the Robonova-1 kit from Hitech (maker of servos) which uses 16 servos to provide a bipedal platform.

There are also articles on both homebrew hobby projects and commercial application specific systems, such as the new "Canada Arm" for the international space station.

See if you can find this mag in stores and take a look, it's that cool

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