Nintendo Light gun zapper laser mod

This is a really old project that I did back in 2002. For a course I was taking, we had do design and build a final project dealing with electronics. I decided to make a light "shootout" game using a laser pointer and some photoresistors. Using a laser pointer was cool, but I wanted the laser pointer to be mounted in something equally as cool, like a Nintendo light-gun!!

This is a really easy mod to do. First some background on the gun. The original light gun from Nintendo was not much more than a photoresistor itself, nothing special. When a player pulled the trigger, the Nintendo would draw a black screen with the target pixels (the ducks in Duck Hunt) white. There is a lens in the light gun that focuses the light from the TV to a photoresistor, if the spot on the TV where the gun was pointed was white, you hit something, and if it was black it was a miss.

Using this simple theory all that was needed in the gun was the sensor, a trigger switch and some simple circuitry.

I opened the gun and found that the switch was just a simple moment switch, perfect! After gutting the other internals of the gun I cut up a cheep laser pointer keychain. The laser pointer was powered by three button batteries at 1.5v each for a total of 4.5 volts. After cutting down the casing of the pointer, two wires were soldered onto the unit to provide the power. The pointer was then mounted in the gun, right where the lens used to be. It sat nicely with only a dab of super glue.

The positive terminal of the laser pointer was wired directly to a 7805 regulator to provide the 5 volts for the laser. The negative terminal was soldered to the ground on the 7805. The power for the unit came from a 9 volt battery connected to a battery snap glued to the bottom of the handle. The snap was mounted outside the case to make it easy to change batteries. To ensure no leakage from the 9 volt when the laser was not on, the ground from the snap was wired to the common terminal of the switch, and the normally open terminal was wired to the negative lead on the 7805.

While doing this I remember thinking "this gun is made for this" since the 7805 regulator sat nicely in the space for a removed weight.

This mod is quick, simple and cheep! This project only cost me $9! Only $2 for the light-gun from a game store, $3 for a laser keychain, $1 for the regulator and about $3 for the 9 volt and snap.

That's it for now.


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