This is a set of HP bluetooth stereo headphones I got working with windows. From what I read around the net, people haven't been able to pair the headphones with a PC, but after some research into the A2DP protocol I found it was posible.

The headphones are designed to work with the iPaqs that have built in bluetooth.

The iPaqs use bluetooth 1.2 which has support for the A2DP protocol. This protocol is rather new and not many products use it, it is only available for BT 1.2!

All that is needed to get them connected is a USB 1.2 adapter off EBay for $15. It must be 1.2 (and unless you want to be limited in range, I suggest a class 1 adapter; 100m range)

The sound is really good, I was quite suprised, everything came through loud and clear.

If you want wireless headphones, go for the bluetooth!

Someone modded a broken set of these and hooked them up to speakers, to make the first set of bluetooth speakers using the A2DP protocol! check it out

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