LEGOs, Robots and Microsoft...Oh My!

So it looks like Microsoft has found another little market it wants to work its way into, Robotics. A number of weeks a go M$ released their "Robotics Studio" software package which "which offers end-to-end robotics development environment customer technical preview for hobbyist, academic, and commercial developers" (aka, it does it all, for everyone).

Now any good embedded systems person knows that there CAN'T be a do-it-all software system. Different processor architectures require different compilers...and I seriously doubt this developer suite has a VHDL synthesis tool and waveform analyzer in it....

Anyway, since big-money-bags M$ is really pushing Robotics they had a "Big Robot on Campus" even at their main headquarters. One of the hardware makers they are really targeting is Lego. This shouldn't be too surprising; Lego provides a cheap, fun way to get involved in system programming and mobile base construction. I remember working with the Mindstorm kit in high school and boy was that fun. But thatís where it stopped, high school.

Iíll stop before I really go on a rant, lol. Check out some of the pictures of the bots that were at the event, I personally like the one that is interfaced with a cell phone

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