Geeksinside Code Base Overhaul AGAIN!

So is (yet again) getting a code overhaul. The last code revision back in like April or May brovided a solid base for the site. However due to time restrictions I wasn't able to make the code as clean as I could have (hense the problems moving between servers). Well this past week I have been getting the code up to par.

The last revision added object based code to the site, this revision I am finishing that up. The site you are looking at right now is totally TRUELY object oriented. A lot of the minor code for the site (like update articles, add new articles, etc) was application specific, NO flexibility. This time I have objects as members of objects, objects are passed by reference, all database connections are managed, etc. This allows me to do some cool stuff as I'm sure you can tell by looking at it.

If you get bored and want to waste some time let me know what you think on the forum.


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