Sunglass Mounted Display

This is a really awesome sunglass mounted display. There are a number of providers of head mounted displays, but not many that can incorporate them inside a set of sunglasses.

I would love to have a set of glasses with a display built in. It would be the ultimate way of being 'connected'. Combined with a small computer and the internet services from the cell companies you could have instant notification when you get an email. OR, combine this with some headphones and you can have an entire multi-media system, on your face!

Looks like he used parts from an older TekGear M1 for his projects. TekGear sells head mounted displays, but most look a little bulky and they are priced around $2,000. Someone technically inclined could purchase the LCD part and just hack together something cool.

Something interesting, this is the guy why runs he should do more projects like this

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