IBM expands AMD server family with new Opterons

On Tuesday August 1st IBM announced the next generation in its System X family of servers based on the dual-core Rev-F AMD Opteron. In a market dominated by Intel until recent years, AMD is making headway in the acquisition of larger processor market-share.

ZDNet is reporting the new x3455, x3655 and x3755 servers will ship within three months running the new Rev-F AMD Opteron dual-core AMD64 chip. The Rev-F chip from AMD is a dual-core processor using the Socket F form factor expected to be released within the next few months, with a quad-core processor slated for release early in 2007.

This is a major milestone for AMD as the juggernaut that is IBM is a nice partner to have in the battle of Intel v. AMD for server market-share.

Zdnet is covering the story too:


Socket F:

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