Next-gen ipod....with a touchscreen? ) is running an article in which they have information from a number of ‘secret sources’ high up in Apple who have said the next generation iPod will be released in November and "will definitely feature a touchscreen".

If I had to give one statement about the touchscreen, and if it would be incorporated into the next-gen iPod I would have to say...”Duh!”. It’s the next logical step in the progression:

Play music
Play music in color
Play music & view pictures
Play music, view pictures, watch video podcasts

BusinessGuy1: "What’s next??"
BusinessGuy2: "Lets get rid of the buttons, expand the screen, make it touch, play full movies and games like that PSP thing!"
BusinessGuy1: "Ooooooo, I want one"

Honestly, if this is the way it goes, Apple might as well just develop an embedded OS, put on a web browser, interface it with a phone and bingo, the Windows Mobile Killer

Oh wait….

Hmmmm......just my $0.02 ;-)

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