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AAA battery fluorescent light driver Mar 27th, 2008
Arduino Etch-a-sketch clock Mar 19th, 2008
Trossen Robotics and Johnny-5! Mar 6th, 2008
The project Feb 21st, 2008
Digital logic VHDL traffic controller Feb 18th, 2008
The 'Cloud' for British Airways Feb 1st, 2008
Is Vista a product of Second-system effect? Jan 25th, 2008
PIC based Oscilloscope Dec 28th, 2007
Make a musical holiday card Dec 21st, 2007
Self-setting clock projects Dec 13th, 2007
Trossen Robotics Contest Winners Dec 12th, 2007
Play old school Star Wars on an oscilloscope Dec 7th, 2007
Morse code to ASCII circuit Nov 20th, 2007
Tips and projects, cool cool stuff Oct 30th, 2007
Halloween trickery Oct 24th, 2007
USB Thermometer Oct 22nd, 2007
DIY Noise-Canceling Headphones Oct 18th, 2007
EEP: Linux EEPROM Programmer Oct 11th, 2007 Tip Oct 10th, 2007
Let the tips roll Oct 9th, 2007
October Tip Contest - PIC Dev Board Oct 5th, 2007
Talking Alarmclock with a PIC16 Sep 19th, 2007
Intel Itanium Desk Aug 24th, 2007
Talking PIC based clock Aug 22nd, 2007
Honey I Shrunk The Kids Aug 20th, 2007
PIC project site Aug 15th, 2007
PIC and SMS msg security system Aug 12th, 2007
AVR based benchtop power supply Aug 7th, 2007
Modded Keyboard Jul 26th, 2007
Submit tips and Doom on TI-83 Jun 21st, 2007
Suspend space exploration? No way! Jun 15th, 2007
Site update 1,000,001 Jun 6th, 2007
Maker Faire 2007 Report May 19th, 2007
Been busy, cool stuff to come May 14th, 2007
AIR JAM!!! May 9th, 2007
Apple Bus Mouse Garage Opener Mod May 2nd, 2007
RaceGuage - Custom Car Dashboard Apr 16th, 2007
Circuits schematics - Parallel LED interface Feb 25th, 2007
Circuits project - Schematics and boards Feb 25th, 2007
Rubiks Cube Solver Project Feb 10th, 2007
Frogger-like FPGA Game Jan 31st, 2007
Happy New Year! Jan 1st, 2007
Cylon-O-Lantern Oct 22nd, 2006
Toorcon - Day 1 Oct 1st, 2006
MazdaPC awesome in car PC system Sep 14th, 2006
HackADay syndication: XBox 360 laptop Sep 11th, 2006
Luminocity ... OpenGL wobbly windows Sep 10th, 2006
GNOME 2.16 Jan 30th, 2007
Projectorlicious Jan 30th, 2007
Traffic project video added Jan 30th, 2007
Major FPGA link dump Jan 30th, 2007
GICB Explanation Jul 28th, 2006
NTSC Video overlay chip Jan 30th, 2007
Nintendo Light-gun laser pointer mod Jan 30th, 2007
Nintendo Light gun zapper laser mod Jan 30th, 2007
Junior Lab project 1 - version 2 VHDL! Jan 30th, 2007
New project site opens Jan 30th, 2007
Computer Engineering Link Dump Jan 30th, 2007
Junior Lab - Traffic Light Controller Jan 30th, 2007
Senior Computer Engineering Lab Jan 30th, 2007