Comment contest rules:

Comments are only entered into the contest when they are in response to a post or article on the main site, not the forum. To be entered, the email field for the comment MUST be filled out. No email address, no entry. reserves the right to remove any comment from the contest at any time. Don't worry though, this is to give honest people a fair chance and remove any off-topic, spam, un-appropraite, lude, commercial, or any comments we don't think are appropriate. Multiple comments will gain multiple entries but each comment must be unique. All comments are frequently reviewed by a member of geeksinside so don't think you can fool 'the system'.

The comment contest will end at 11:59pm PDT February 29th 2008. One comment will be chosen at random after February 29th and the winner contacted via email. Should the author of the comment not respond within 48 hours of the email, another winner will be selected. This will continue until a winner is found. The prize for this contest is a $25 USD electronic gift certificate to SparkFun Electronics (

Yes, we ask for your email, but no we will not give it out to anyone. We barely have time to post and maintain this site, let alone find people to sell email address too. Plus I hate spam as much as you. So, don't freak out and post that comment. The only email you might get is one from me if you win ;-)

Cover our ass:
Remember, you didn't give us anything but text so we don't owe you anything but this explanation. Geeksinside reserves the right to change these rules at any time. :-P