S1axter Hey, s1axter here. This blurb is a little info on me and my blog here on Geeksinside.com.

I originally started Geeksinside in the summer of 2002 to provide a place on the net for all the stuff I think is cool. The site has gone through a number of revisions since the beginning to get to where it is today. Geeksinside is 99% coded by me, save some functions and the forum which are all freely found on the net.

Some might be wondering what my blog is all about, well I pretty much have the same goal as when I started Geeksinside, showcase the cool stuff I find dealing with technology. By technology I mean programming, circuits, digital design, description languages, contests, new products, cool and funny images/videos, and anything else a "geek" would enjoy.

I'm always open to new suggestions and comments so drop me a line and let me know what you want to see on Geeksinside and most likely it will show up! Also, if you want a blog, send in a tip or email me at s1axter [at] geeksinside.com and I'll make you one :-)

Check out my other cool stuff: http://mybitbox.com